Management Team

In TeamOne, there are 3 categories of Membership. Ordinary Members are players who have committed themselves to playing regularly in TeamOne and decided to make TeamOne as their gaming clan. Team Assistants (previously known as Support Members) are not just those firmly integrated into the clan, but they are actively involved in the clan’s visions and also serving the clan in their various games community. Team Leaders (previously known as Executive Members) are those on top of the above, hold leadership positions in the various games community, and have voting rights in Management’s decisions. These Team Leaders are a representative of the community they oversee and becomes a channel of feedback for the members.


Bryan Chung
Occupation: Social Work Associate
Work Experience: 4 years

Habib Rehman
Occupation: Founder of Iluma Design
Work Experience: 6 years


Cyrus Low, 15
Team Leader for CSGO
Joined Since: April 2017

Javan Ang, 16
Team Leader for PlayRust.SG Rust Servers
Joined Since: October 2013

Ryan Chong, 14
Team Leader for Mobile Legends
Joined Since: July 2016


Beatrice Loh, 14
General Team Assistant
Joined Since: February 2015

Jerome Ong, 15
Team Assistant for CSGO & Rainbow 6
Joined Since: April 2017

Teng Ming Hui, 18
Team Assistant for Rust
Joined Since: October 2013

Vanessa Chng, 14
General Team Assistant
Joined Since: February 2015