Please adhere to these rules whilst playing on our Minecraft server. These rules are to ensure the server continues to run smoothly and most importantly so everyone can enjoy themselves!

Failure to follow these rules will result in a kick/ban. If a rule is broken more than 3 times after being kicked, that will result in a ban from the server. Ban durations can vary from 1-7 days, up to a maximum of permanent ban. In serious case (e.g. hacking), permanent ban will be imposed without any warning.

Keep in mind that any decisions made by our Team are final. But can be appealed in a responsible manner by sending us a message in our Facebook page. If you wish to send us a report, please use this form.

General Rules


  • DO talk to players nicely. While swearing and general poor behavior isn’t expressly forbidden, if somebody complains and the situation is severe enough, action may be taken against the offender.
  • DO build in your own area. Remember to claim (to protect) your area (using Golden Shovel). And build within your own area. You do not want others to come and build in your house too.
  • DO respect other players’ areas and things. You should avoid using people’s farms, mob grinders, and items unless you are expressly given permission (in the other player’s trustlist). You should also build far enough away from people that your constructions won’t be visible from their areas, if they request. You SHOULD ask before you start building if somebody was in that area first and respect their wishes if they don’t want you to build there.Along this same line of thought, if you happen upon an unprotected chest in what’s obviously a claimed area, or a chest that contains obviously non-spawned items, use your head and realize that it’s probably somebody’s stuff, and it would be unkind to take it.
  • DO respect public and wilderness areas. Floating leaves, 256m tall single/double block columns, random water/lava covered mountains and half finished piles of plain cobble houses is not in a good playing practice.
  • DO respect the server itself and its community. You should avoid doing things that cause any kind of lag on the server, whether it’s fast cycling redstone, excessive mobs (generally >30 of a type) in your grinder or farm, giant piles of TNT going off at once or 1000s of amounts of items laying around, spawning 50 chickens.
  • DO use your head! Above all else, if you can do something that seems wrong, it doesn’t mean that it’s ok.
  • DO use only English to communicate in main chat channels. Unless you are talking in private chat with your friends.

Dont’s & No’s

  • NO hacking. Period. Hackers are NOT welcome in our server. This includes the use of any mods that are prohibited such as x-ray, mineral detection, etc.
  • NO greifing. This includes but not limited to destroying buildings and structures, trampling crops intentionally, causing damage to the world.
  • NO stealing items from other players. Just as you do not want others to steal your items too.
  • NO botting. Using of auto-click to assist you in farming.
  • NO advertisement. While we do not expect you to be playing only in our server, we also cannot allow you to place advertisement of advertise any other Minecraft servers.
  • NO real money trading. That is you cannot sell  your items/accounts for real life currency.
  • DO NOT beg or ask our Team to spawn items for you. You should NOT ask our Team for refund of items because of your death. Whether or not the reason is caused because of server issues or because you simply did not play to survive.
  • DO NOT ask for TP (teleport) unless absolutely necessary. This applies for both asking players and our Team for TP.

Helper Rank Specific Rules

  • Be responsible with the privileges you are given as a Helper.
  • Always have a good attitude towards all players.
  • Listen to both sides of the stories when doing investigations.
  • Do not TP to a player unnecessarily.
  • Do not spawn blocks or items for other players.
  • Helpers at times are also required to help with Admins with building.
  • Report unsure matters to Admins for necessary action to be taken.

By playing in TeamOne Server, you are hereby agreeing to the following terms & conditions.

  • You must respect the decisions of our Team.
  • You must acknowledge the fact that our Team has the right to kick or ban for breaking any of these rules.
  • You must also agree that the rules may be changed without any warning by our Team and that it is up to you to check the rules regularly.
  • You acknowledge that your items may be lost due to your negligence or server errors and that you understand that our Team will not be able to help you recover the items.
  • Our Team is not required to show evidence to you in the event of a ban. However it can be requested in the event of a dispute.