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TeamOne server is now open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Enjoy non-stop fun of building, crafting, gaming and making lots and lots of new friends in our server.

We also understand how it is like to go up against unfairness in heavy donation required Minecraft servers and have structured it such that all gameplay is FAIR whether you are a donator or not. Join our Minecraft server at today and check it out yourself!

Read our Minecraft Rules to avoid getting an infraction which could cause you to be unknowingly penalised.

We still need your donation to help grow the Minecraft server! A simple donation will help us a long way. We use the funds for marketing, advertisements and promotions to help spread the love and ensure you have more people to play with! It also goes to premium Minecraft plugins and server hosting costs. If you can spare some change, do let us know!

Check out Our Team that keeps our Minecraft going. You can send us your comments by posting them on our Facebook page. 🙂

Have fun building!

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