Discord Guide

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Here is a step-by-step guide to help you connect to TeamOne Discord Server.

Here are the two things you need first.

1. Discord for Windows – Download and install Discord by clicking the image below.

2. Microphone – If you are using laptop, a mobile phone earpiece should work too.


With Discord installed, you can now proceed to connect.

1. Launch Discord by clicking on the icon on your desktop.

2. Once Discord is loaded, login to your account. If you do not have an account, click “Register” (white in color) at the bottom.


Next step is to join our server.

3. Look for this dotted circle with a “+” icon (see picture below). It is located top left of the app.

Discord-Guide-44. Select “Join a Server.”

5. Enter this invite code: 0gJQEargunQoYjCQ and click “Join“.


6. You will be automatically connected to our Public Room voice channel.

7. Next is to ensure you configure the correct settings for your microphone to work. You can do the settings by clicking on the Gear Icon next to your name at the bottom left of Discord.


8. Select “Voice” option (on the left) and and check that “Automatically determine input sensitivity” is UNCHECKED.


9. Next, slide the notch (on the slider bar) all the way to the right. Then test your input sensitivity by saying “Hello”. Ensure that the notch almost touches the highlighted part of bar but NOT over the highlighted part of the bar.

10. Ensure that your microphone volume is set to the max too in Discord and Windows.


11. You’re done!