About Us


Just like how TeamOne birth-forth a decade ago; Bryan decided to revive the clan 3 years after it’s closure in 2018. This time with a group of friends playing Call of Duty: Mobile. Armed with experiences of managing a clan, he wanted to give the clan another shot at it’s previous success. TeamOne’s motto and core values will always remain the same as it was before.

OUR HISTORY (2011 – 2018)

Back in early 2011, it started with two friends – Bryan Chung and Dean Ong, casually playing BlackShot Online almost every night. Slowly they invited more friends to play along. From a pair of gaming partner, the number of players started to increase. With that, the thoughts of creating a clan in BlackShot birth-forth. After brainstorming many clan names, they decided on TeamOne. When it started, Dean was the clan master. However due to his busy commitments in studies, he handed the ownership to Bryan.

In mid-2011, Bryan recruited his ex-polytechnic classmate Habib Rehman to come on-board. With Habib’s experience in IT knowledge and programming languages, Bryan knew he is going to be a valuable member of the fast-growing clan. The first step of expansion was the creation of our TeamOne’s website – www.teamone.sg. The domain name and hosting were all sponsored by Habib. Initially when launched, we had barely 50 visitors per day. However that number had since grew to a monthly average of almost 5000 visitors. On 18 August 2011, TeamOne Facebook Page was launched. Our objective for the page was to create a greater online presence not just in BlackShot but also in the social-media. As of July 2012, almost one year into the launch of our Facebook page, we have more than 1,500 Likes!

From the humble beginning of two friends playing BlackShot Online, TeamOne has since expanded to playing other games such as Battlefield, Minecraft and others. We are constantly looking for games to venture into to create our presence in that game. The future of TeamOne is an exciting one! With more games to come and greater things to achieve!


Based on our motto, TeamOne truly emphasize a lot on working together as a team. Hence being a team player is extremely important. That will also mean that each member knows one another not only in the cyber world but also in the real world. There are many other stronger and larger clans out in the gaming world – take for example BlackShot Online. Where a clan can be up to 80 – 100 members in size. However have you ever wonder how many of their members actually know one another other than their online name? Hence being in such a large clan can probably make one feel as though he is still playing “alone” although you have “friends” (clan members) to play with. We limit the number of players within each game is so that we are continue to stay as a close-knit gaming family. A family where we know one another, chats with one another via voice-communication – in and out of games, have fun together while gaming. And also to go out for gatherings together to create better bonds! So you will not be just gaming with some cyber friends. And that is also why our recruitment process is a stringent one to ensure the players who recruit are of quality.


The clan’s motto, “Teamwork and Overcome” derives from the team’s core value of working together as a team. Where each individual having the discipline to understand his role within the team. Overcoming challenges along the way – all part of our efforts to better fulfill our missions during games.