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Singapore National Day Building Competition

Singapore 49th Birthday is just less than a month away on 9th August. To celebrate our Nation’s Birthday, we are hosting a Minecraft building competition in TeamOne Server. Players who wish to participate in...

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Back to School T-Credits Promotion

Back to school. But don’t be feeling down because TeamOne is having a T-Credits Promotion! Many Minecraft players have been wanting to donate but because of June Holidays, you have no allowance. Saving...

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Introducing TeamOne+! Previously known as TeamOne Gaming Client. TeamOne+ is...

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School Holidays T-Credits Promotion

June school holidays has begun! To celebrate it, TeamOne is having a T-Credits...

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Introducing Gachapon!

Introducing TeamOne Server’s very own Gachapon system! This plugin is...

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NEWsurvival Created

We have created a NEWsurvival world. We decided to create a new world because...

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