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Discontinuation of BlackShot IGN Search

It is much to our regret to inform BlackShot players that our BlackShot IGN Search will be discontinued. Because Garena made it technically impossible for developers to retrieve data from their database of...

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Guns Shop Now Open!

Guns Shop is where players can donate to get assault rifles, sniper rifles and explosives! Players can use these weapons for added advantage in PVP or killing mobs! Engaging your opponent or mob from a distance...

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Skyblock upgraded and reopened!

Skyblock server was the next in line among our different servers to be...

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Factions upgraded and reopened!

After 2 weeks of intensive testings, our Factions server has been upgraded and...

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Battlefield Hardline

Since the launch of Battlefield Hardline, TeamOne Gaming have set up a platoon...

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New Administrator and Moderators

We are pleased to announce the promotion of ranks for these members. Ho Seng...

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